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Overview of Hastings Middle School Gifted and Talented Services

http://www.hastings.k12.mn.us/shared/templates/hastings_master/images/x.gifLEVEL 1 (click to see HMS practices)

  • Services are intended for ALL students.
  • Differentiation of curriculum focuses on expanding, extending and enhancing learning opportunities the regular classroom for all students. These options are implemented within the school's curriculum and instruction and are made possible by the classroom teacher.

LEVEL 2 (click to see HMS practices)

  • Services are intended for MANY students.
  • Enrichment and extensions are available activities, which focus on expanding experiences beyond the exploration level of the regular classroom curriculum.

LEVEL 3 (click to see HMS practices)

  • Services are for SOME students who require additional rigor and challenge. Students need to qualify for these services.
  • Building level designs for students in various formats including but not limited to accelerated courses, independent study, classroom clusters, and connections to college courses.

LEVEL 4 (click to see HMS practices)

  • Services are for FEW students who require highly individualized services.
  • District level designs involve the rare student. This is an exceptional level. Mentoring Services focus on creating comprehensive learning plans for those students with unique needs not met by Levels 1, 2, or 3.