Box Tops for Education

In continuing the effort to keep you informed as parents of all the great things you do to support our efforts in teaching your children we would like to pass on some information about the Box Tops for Education program that we as a school participate in.


As an effort to raise some extra money we have a monthly contest to see what first hour class can collect the most box tops; the winning class each month receives a doughnut party and the school redeems the box tops for money to pay for beneficial things around the school.


Some things that are paid for with the box top earnings are:

  • Birthday Bundles – these are given to kids on their birthday to help celebrate their birthdays.
  • Accelerated Reading Books – these books are purchased to help build the library’s inventory of accelerated reading books.
  • Screens for Windows – some of the money has gone to purchasing screens for windows so we can keep bees out of the building.

For more information about the Box Tops for Education check out the link below to the Box Tops for Education Website.

Ways to Earn Ways to Earn Points for Box Tops for Education