6th grade MN History

MN History
Sixth Grade Social Studies is an overview of Minnesota:  history, economics, geography, citizenship, and government.  A strong emphasis is placed on culture, map skills, vocabulary, writing, notes, and projects.  The class content is continually supported by class discussion, power points, videos, small and large group activities, and technology. 

Homework will be written down daily in my room and on my webpage. So if you forget you can check out my webpage.  Also you will have a textbook checked out to you to have all year.  Bring this book with you everyday.  Y
ou will be able to use the textbook  On-Line  also.  The textbook is called Northern Lights.
The site is-   nl.mnhs.org  
Look at your blue access code sheet for logins and passwords.
‚ÄčNorthern Lights textbook