Daily materials needed (for 6th & 8th gr.)

Please organize your homework with a 3 ring binder.  It can be just a 1" binder.  It doesn't have to be a large binder.  Always have 20 or so pieces of loose leaf paper in it along with 10-15 sheet protectors.  This is how I see most kids being successful and organized.  If you prefer a trapper keeper type of organization system that is ok too, but  I do want you to have your Social Studies separate from other classes.  Most of your assignments will come 3 hole punched. 

3 ring bindersheet protectorscolor pencils
Also have needed pens, pencils, highlighter,color pencils and an independent reading book.

6th graders will get a textbook checked out to them (around late Sept.) along with the login and password needed for getting onto the on-line textbook (see blue sheet).  Maybe even write this information down somewhere at  home so you have 2 copies of it.

8th graders will not have textbooks issued to them.  We have a class set and use many other resources.