Why Keyboarding?

The Importance of Keyboarding In Today's Society

Keyboarding is a way of life today, not only in schools or in the workforce, but also as a means for communicating with others, sharing ideas, expressing thoughts, and even utilizing entertainment through computer games. Typing is the primary means of interfacing with a computer. Therefore, learning how to use the keyboard is an essential 21st Century skill that students must develop in order to type effectively and efficiently on computers.

Learning how to keyboard properly has become a requirement in today's society. Teachers require much of their homework to be typed. Students don't like to spend unnecessary time completing homework. Most business employees use a computer on a daily basis. Business owners want their employees to use their time efficiently.

Due to all of these reasons above (and more), each middle school student will spend time learning how to keyboard properly during Tech Lit. Students learn how to keyboard properly with a balance of instruction from Mr. Valek and hands on learning through a program called Type to Learn. This program provides the students with necessary drills and instruction while I guide, demonstrate, and remind students of proper keyboarding technique.