Course Information

These are the courses offered for the current school year.  There may be changes for the upcoming school year.

Allied Arts Classes - Art, Technology Literacy, Health , Gateway to Technology, Computer Science and FACS (Family and Consumer Science)

The Allied Courses at HMS are the exploratory classes that students take in addition to the core classes like Language Arts, Math, Social and Science.  These classes meet every other day.

5th Grade
Art, Technology Literacy (Tech Lit), and Health

6th Grade
Art and Technology Literacy (Tech Lit)
* If a student has two WIN classes, they will not have Tech Lit and Art in 6th grade.

7th Grade
Art, FACS (Family and Consumer Science), Computer Science (Comp Sci is a full year class)
* If a student has two WIN classes, they will not have Art and FACS in 7th grade.

8th Grade
Art, FACS (Family and Consumer Science), Gateway to Technology  (Gateway to Tech is a full year class)
* If a student has three WIN classes, they will not have Art and FACS in 8th grade.

If you would like more information about these classes, please click on 'Staff Directory' in the 'About Us' section of the HMS homepage and visit the teachers websites.

WIN (What I Need) Classes

Student will have two or three WIN classes, rotating every other day for the full year. All students have at least one Physical Education class during WIN time. 

Some students will be placed in Math Lab, Reading or Student Impact based on their academic needs (Student Impact is only for 6-8 graders). Students may elect to take one or two music classes (Band, Orchestra, and/or Choir).  If a student has three WIN classes, there is an opportunity cost and they will not be able to take all of the Allied Arts Classes.

If a fifth grade student only has Physical Education, they will have a class called WIN.   In the WIN class, students are working on a variety of enrichment opportunities and getting some homework help among various other activities.

If seventh and eighth grade students have Physical Education class and still have room in WIN time, they can choose between Personal Fitness and Service Student/Aide

As you can see, there are a lot of different combinations and nuances for WIN time, if you have questions, don't hesitate to contact the Counseling Office (651)480-7084.

Here are descriptions of the WIN Classes:


Math Lab

Students enrolled in Math Lab are there because they just need that extra help in mastering the material. Many times these students will feel as if they understand during class only to find out when they get home that can't remember or it no longer makes sense. Math Lab will provide hands on labs, where students can explore how they think and learn. Staff aims to reinforce the students in their learning styles. Standards based subjects within units that seem to be the most difficult for students will be targeted. Homework will not be assigned. Class time will be broken down into labs, homework help/quiz corrections and computerized programs to reinforce math skills. (Student are placed in Math Lab based on standardized test scores and/or teacher recommendation.)



Students are placed in Reading based on their need for growth in the area of reading. Students participate in a program with dedicated staff and exciting resources. The program is designed to fit a student’s individual needs. In this program, students will be interacting in small groups with high interest text at a level that supports their best growth. Additionally, students will participate in a digital experience that adjusts for each student based on their continued work. Throughout the year, our staff will be collecting information and data that will shape the best programming for students. (Student are placed in Reading based on standardized test scores and/or teacher recommendation.)


Student Impact

Students are placed in Student Impact if they meet two of the following three criteria: attendance, behavior, and/or course performance, Students receive support from the AmeriCorps Promise Fellows. The classroom size is small, students have more direct support from a Promise Fellow when working on assignments and tests, as well as have time to build up organizational skills. Students are provided various intervention techniques with the goal to help them improve in their attendance, behavior, and course performance. (Sixth through eighth graders are placed in Student Impact based on their attendance, course performance, and/or behavior.)


Elective Classes: (Elective classes are a full- year commitment)

Music (Band, Choir, and Orchestra)

In music classes students learn to play a specific instrument or improve their natural instrument, their voice. Students will have small group and/or individual lessons as well as a large group experience. Students electing to be in band or orchestra must rent or buy an instrument before the beginning of the school year. Students may co-enroll in choir and one instrument, if there is room in their schedules. (Fifth through eighth grade students elect to be in Music classes.)

Personal Fitness, (Physical Education for personal development):

In Personal Fitness class students will learn about different areas of fitness including: strength, flexibility, cardio-vascular health, nutrition, injury reduction, core strength and balance. Students will set personal fitness goals and develop a specific fitness plan. Students will track their success and work to improve their outcomes. This class in not only good for athletes, it is appropriate for anyone who loves being active and wants to improve their physical health! (Sixth through eighth grade students who do not have a music class or an intervention class may elect to be in personal fitness.)

Service Student, (Main Office Aide, Counseling Office Aide, Library Aide, and DASH Aide):

There are a limited number of Aide jobs around the building. In order to be an Aide, a student must be in good standing academically and behaviorally, and have good attendance. Aides work throughout the school and have a lot of responsibility. This is a great option for a student who likes to help others, and is dependable! (Seventh and eighth grade students who do not have a music class or an intervention class may elect to be a Service Student.)