Schedule and Attendance

Daily Schedule:

During this new experience of Distance Learning, please understand that attendance may look different than what we all are used to. Students may engage in a synchronous way (real time learning with a teacher using technology) or in an asynchronous way (watching videos and completing virtual assignments or completing hands-on academics in a paper & pencil format).  Minnesota defines distance learning as, “Students engaging in distance learning have access to appropriate educational materials and receive daily interaction with their licensed teacher(s).” It is critical to provide this learning in a format that can be equitably accessed by all students. Attendance will be noted as “daily” attendance rather than hourly attendance.

Student/Family Expectations

  • If a student is “ill”, please call in the attendance line using the typical procedure.
  • Attendance will be recorded as a daily attendance with your Advisory teacher. Each Advisory teacher will communicate what they expect from the students in order for them to take attendance.
  • We expect students to “attend” school daily to interact with content shared by teachers.
  • If a student does not engage with content over a period of days, a staff member will reach out to the family.

A Day/B Day Schedule: