Technology Resources

ISD200 Support Contacts 4/14/2020 - During this time of distance learning, we may find ourselves in need of additional support for devices, food service, applications, programs, and much more. We have curated a list of contacts for various items relevant to the education of students in ISD200. As we find additional need we will update this live document.

Internet Accessibility Information - 

Here are some Free/Reduced Rate Internet Options that have been identified. Check the list to see if there are options that your family might qualify for if you need assistance with internet connectivity during this time.


Data Usage Information - 

Some teachers may offer video based lectures or open office hours through Schoology Conferences or Zoom. Know that streaming video uses a lot of internet data bandwidth. If you are streaming from a cellular device this could use a lot of data - make sure you have an unlimited plan or alternative internet options - if you do not have the ability to stream content please make sure you are communicating this to your teachers so you receive the appropriate help. 

  • SD-quality video uses about 0.7GB (700MB) per hour. HD quality video is between 720p and 2K (remember, the app adjusts the stream). HD-quality video uses about 0.9GB (720p), 1.5GB (1080p) and 3GB (2K) per hour. UHD quality video uses a lot of data.  


Technology Support - 

Hastings Public Schools cannot offer tech support for home devices and internet. If you are having trouble with a school device or questions about a specific class, students should reach out to your classroom teachers with the situation and they will provide assistance as able or forward the request on to our technology support team. Please provide as much information about the situation as possible, including things like:

  • Screenshots of error messages
  • Detailed information about what was happening at the time of the error
  • What types of other websites/programs were running when the error occurred
  • Steps you have already tried to fix the issue. 

Cleaning Technology Devices -

In this time of heightened awareness of germs, it is a good idea to regularly clean high-touch surfaces like computers and cell phones. When cleaning devices some guidelines: Cellphones -

  • Use a damp (but not dripping) disinfectant wipe to clean all surfaces, take off cases to get all surfaces thoroughly 

Laptops and Chromebooks - 

  • No Spray cleaners of any kind
  • Use a damp (but not dripping) disinfectant wipe to clean all surfaces EXCEPT FOR SCREENS - they are not the same material as a cell phone screen and wipes may damage the screen.