Opportunities After School Improving Success

What is OASIS?
OASIS, Opportunities After School Improving Success, is a highly structured program that provides HMS students in grades five through eight a safe place to go after school.  OASIS operates, without charge, throughout the school year from 2:45 until 5:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

OASIS is staffed by teachers and teaching assistants who are there to help students with their homework, provide computer access and supervision for various resources.

After homework, students will be given snack time.  Snacks are no longer provided by OASIS; students will need to bring a snack from home.  Following snack time, a variety of activities are available to the students such as:  board games, pool, air hockey, Foosball,  ping pong, computer games, dodge ball and kickball.  Activities vary throughout the school year.  OASIS also provides sponsorship for a variety of special interest groups such as Outdoor Club, theatrical productions, Art Club, 3D Printing Club, Writing Club and robotics.

OASIS also sponsors Ruth's Internet Cafe and provides computer access to our students in the morning before school (from 7-7:45 am).