Future Teachers/Explorers

Advisor:   Mrs. Gullicks, [email protected] Cost:  $50.00  (MS Co-Curricular Fee)

When:  Fall of each year Who can participate:   Open to students in all grade levels. Due to the larger numbers of students that wish to be involved in Future Teachers, upperclassmen and those with Future Teacher experience will be assigned first.

What it’s all about: 
Future Teachers: Students are matched with an elementary or middle school teacher for the 2022-2023 school year.  They assist in the classroom doing various activities. Students create a schedule with their placement teacher for the year. 

Future Explorers: This club is open to 5th graders that don’t receive a placement as a Future Teacher.  These students will then help at HMS with bulletin boards, various teaching tasks and will set them up for success as a Future Teacher the following year.