Youth in Government (YIG)

Advisors:    Mr. Hanson, [email protected]

Cost:  $50.00  (MS Co-Curricular Fee), YMCA YIG Program tuition is typically around $475.

When: Sign ups in late September/early October; Middle School meetings once per week (days vary from year to year), a few evening meetings at the High School, Fall Kick Off in late October/early November on a Saturday (varies year to year); and the Model Assembly is Thurs-Sun in January (varies as well, but usually in the 2nd week back from Winter Break)

Who can participate:   YIG is a program for students in 8th - 12th grade.

What it’s all about:  YIG is a program designed to encourage students to think and speak up for themselves. YIG participants in 8th grade participate in Leadership Corps, which is a program designed to introduce 8th graders to the variety of program areas open to students in grades 9-12. 8th graders have some prep work to do to prepare for the big YIG event... the 4 day Model Assembly! The YIG Model Assembly is essentially a mock-state government, complete with a Youth Governor, State Houses & Senates, Judicial system, access to the MN State Capital building, media, etc. While at the Model Assembly, 8th graders will participate in the program areas with kids from all over the state in their Leadership Corps groups. There are also delegation-based activities (with other Hastings kids), and fun evening activities such as the Talent Show, Carnival, & Governor's Ball. YIG wraps up with the conclusion of the Model Assembly.