Winter Sport

First day of practice:

Wednesday, November 1st - Meet in the Wrestling Room Gym to meet your coaches. 

You need to be registered to participate. We will practice on the first day.

What do I need:

Please wear; t-shirt, shorts and wrestling shoes. Bring a water bottle. Headgear will be provided.


Program Info:

The season is scheduled to run from Nov 1st to Jan 13th 2022.  Practice will be held Monday - Thursday from 2:45 - 4:45pm and 2:45-4:30pm on Fridays, downstairs in the wrestling room for grades 6-8th.
5th graders will practice on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays in the Wrestling room.

Online registration for wrestling will open on October 15th. We encourage you to register before the first day of practice.

Match Info:

Our 6-8th graders will participate in all of the games. 5th graders will compete in the home matches. Away matches are optional for 5th graders.

Below is the link to the schedule. Please check it often. Wrestling Schedule here: Wrestling Schedule Schedules are subject to change.

You can sign up for schedule reminders and change alerts. For directions, click Sport Schedule Change Notification



Students will be issued a singlet. Sweatpants, sweatshirts, and shorts are available for purchase online and can be picked up in the main office in exchange for a printed receipt.  
To purchase a wrestling apparel, click here: Purchase Club Wrestling Apparel

 We are no longer selling wrestling apparel through the MS. Please order through the club link.

Important dates:
Nov 4th: Schedules will go live
Conference Duals:TBD, 
Livingston Tournament: Saturday, January 14th 2023
End of Season Banquet and Youth Night at HHS: TBD

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Email Coaches

Wrestling Coaches:
Kyle Kreuser
Mitch Shemon
Max Gierke

Wrestling is using BAND
app for parent and student communication this season. 

The link to connect is:
Wrestling BAND Invite

Wrestling Apparel
purchace link through Club