Student Travel Release

The current co-curricular transportation policy was adopted by the ISD 200 School Board effective with the 2020-21 school year. Please refer to the complete policy during the registration process.

When District transportation IS provided, a student participating in an activity must travel to and from events via District transportation. Exceptions to this practice may be extended as noted below.

1. The parent/guardian must submit requests at least 24-hours in advance, via a written note or email sent directly to the coach. Requests must identify the full name of the adult driver authorized by the temporary notice. The coach must confirm receipt prior to the team departing for the event.

2. The student will be released to the temporarily authorized adult driver by the coach/advisor when: (a) the authorized adult driver makes face-to-face contact with the coach/advisor and student following the event (b) the temporarily authorized adult driver signs the check-out list provided by the coach.

Students will not be left unsupervised at the site if the driver is not present at the time of departure from the event. If the temporarily authorized adult driver has not arrived by the time the team/group is ready to depart, the student will need to return from the event with the rest of the group on District transportation.

Updated 10/4/22