Student Travel Release

Student Travel - Release to Parent Protocol

When District transportation is provided, a student participating in a sport and/or activity must travel to and from away events via District transportation.  However, under certain circumstances, written exceptions to this practice may be extended when warranted.
  • The parent/guardian must make arrangements 24-hour advance notice via a written note or email to the coach. Note: Only a participant's parent/guardian may provide alternate transportation.
  • The student will be released to the parent/guardian by the coach/advisor by making face-to-face contact with them following the game/event.
  • The student will not be left unsupervised at the site if the parent/guardian are not present at the time of departure from the event.  In the event that the parent/guardian has not arrived by the time the team/group is ready to depart, the student will need to board the bus and return from the game/event with the rest of the group. 

The principal and athletic director, on a case-by-case basis, will address any other unusual transportation requests and/or problems, in advance.  Emergencies do occur and a coach may have to use their best judgment.