Family Support Information

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Parents, welcome to your PTA corner of HMS! Below you will find more information about Hastings Middle School, helpful services in Dakota County, and online resources. Learn more about how to best support your student's education.

Looking for Fun Activities for Your Kids?
Hastings Community Education
Hastings YMCA Kid & Teen Activities
Hastings Parks & Recreation

Learn More about Children's Health and Development. Explore topics in body, mind, sexual health, food & fitness, diseases & conditions, infections, drugs & alcohol, emotions & behavior, first aid & safety, and growth & development. Visit: Teens Health for Teens or Teens Health for Parents

Dakota County Library:
Pleasant Hill Library of Hastings

Dakota County Services:
Child Protection
Child Protection 952-891-7459
24-Hour Crisis Response: 952-891-7171

Mental Health
Children's Mental Health: 952-891-7459

Canvas Health
(651) 777-5222
Crisis Services
Chemical Health
Specialty Programs

Healthy Living
Public Health: 651-554-6100

Hastings Family Service
Food Shelf
Emergency Assistance
Emergency Clothing
Meals on Wheels
Just Friends
Holiday Assistance
School Supply Assistance
Furniture Bank
Rivertown Treasures
Business Center Services

Learn More about Bullying Prevention:
Pacer's National Bullying Prevention Center
Pacer: What to Do When Your Child is Being Bullied

Learn More About Talking to Children about Violence:
Talking to Children about Violence: Tips for Parents and Teachers


Learn More about Teen Drug Use:
Parents. The Anti-Drug.
Partnership for Drug-Free Kids


Learn Ways to Help Your Child be Successful at School:
Pacer: Help! My Child Refuses to Go to School

Pacer: How to Deal with the Dreaded Homework Hassle


Teen Talk: A Survival Guide for Parents of Teenagers:
Have You Talked With Your Teen Today?
Teens and Family Meals
The Importance of Family Mealtimes


Online Course for Families:
U of M Extension Online Courses for Families