Gifted & Talented

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The mission of the HMS Gifted and Talented program is to provide opportunities, challenges, support and resources to help each child reach their maximum potential.

During the early adolescent years children vary tremendously in their development. There is a wide variety of cognitive, social, emotional, achievement, and rates of growth in specific skills, interests and abilities. This ebb and flow in development necessitates the use of a dynamic identification process.

It is our goal to deeply understand each child cognitively, emotionally, physically, and socially.

Staff, students and parents must work together to discover, nurture and celebrate the patterns of aptitude, attitude, achievement, and performance that distinguish a child as uniquely talented.

By deeply understanding each individual child we will work with them and their families to ensure that their academic, social and emotional needs are met. Through a dynamic and objective identification process, students will be placed in courses that best suit their overall needs.